Erin Verissimo, is an expert on merging the essential roles of organization and staging when it comes to preparing homes for listing or for lifestyle improvement–founding the hybrid company LIVE WELL Home Organizing & Staging. As lead organizer and stager, she has effectively decluttered, styled and merchandised homes, delivering dramatic results for clients. She specializes in helping homeowners and home sellers tackle the burden of decluttering which is often the biggest roadblock that must be addressed before any other improvements can be made. With a full range of staging and styling solutions, Erin is able to layer in a custom solution for any project.

Erin is known for the superior customer service she provides to home owners, home sellers and real estate agents. Her work is credited by Realtors for attracting offers much quicker than surrounding area properties and is described as “life-changing” by home owners looking to live a decluttered life. An advocate for continued education, Erin is available to present to real estate agents on the benefits of space clearing and staging.


Erin’s entrance into the home organizing and real estate staging industries came as a culmination of several past careers. Her background is in marketing and advertising with a B.S. degree in business administration from Bryant University and an MBA from the University of Rhode Island. This, combined with corporate experience in the field created a solid understanding of buyer motivation and how to “package” a home for maximum market response. As brand manager for the leading regional wedding publication, Southern New England Weddings, she developed a keen eye for detail and design collaborating with her team on intricate photo shoots and layouts that would come together on printed pages and online. In addition, Erin completed coursework in interior design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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